Rhipsalis Paradoxa 'Chain Cactus' XL

Rhipsalis Paradoxa 'Chain Cactus' XL


Looking for some lush jungle vibes at home? Then we've got you covered! This HUGE Rhypsalis is an exciting new addition for us (they're one of Becca's faves). Already handing at about a metre long(!!!) this is a gorgeous established plant. Native to Brazil, they'll love a spot in high humidity and bright, indirect light (no direct sun please!) so a bathroom or kitchen would be perfect.


Bright indirect light - they'll be happy in a bit of direct morning/evening sun, but avoid harsh midday rays as it will burn the leaves.

Water when the top inch of soil has dried out. Make sure it has proper draingage and isn't sitting in water. Reduce watering to every other week in winter.

Likes high humidity. If the leaves lose their rigidity, it means it needs watering!

Not pet friendly 

21cm pot size

Approx 1 metre long!!


Price is for the plant only, does not include cermaic pot.