Peperomia Argyreia ‘Watermelon’

Peperomia Argyreia ‘Watermelon’


These lush, thick leaves with darl green stripes make the watermelon peperomia a stand out! It’ll stay pretty compact, so it’s perfect to make a statement if space is limited.


Care - 

Light - Medium, indirect light. Will also tolerate a shadier spot.

Water - When the top inch of soil dries out. Ensure to drain water fully before putting back in the cache pot, as they can be prone to root rot.

Tips - The fact it can tolerate a shadier spot makes this a versatile plant to place around the home. 

Pets - Pet friendly

Pot Size - 15cm. Approx 25cm tall.


Price is for plant only, does not include ceramic pot. 


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