Organic Houseplant Potting Mix

Organic Houseplant Potting Mix


Spring is coming - which means it's the perfect time to be repotting those houseplants that are busting out! We've created our own blend of organic, sustainable houseplant potting mix, full of all the goodness that your indoor plants need to thrive.


Choose from our 3 litre bag which will repot 3/4 12cm pots or 6 litres, which is enough for 6/7 12cm pots. 



Coco Coir (an organic, sustainable alternative to peat moss)

Perlite & Orchid Bark (important for drainage)

Worm Castings (organic form of fertilizer, great for nutrition)

Horticultural Charcoal (keeps pesky bugs at bay!)


Our potting mix comes in a biodegradable, resealable bag.