Hoya Carnosa Tricolor 'Wax Vine'

Hoya Carnosa Tricolor 'Wax Vine'


This Hoya tricolor is such a beautiful colour! They are super easy to care for and feature multicoloured green, cream and pink leaves. These are young plants at the moment, but in time they will trail over the pot happily - perfect to trail over a tall bookcase, or in a hanger! If kept in the right conditions, they will also produce sweetly scented flowers. Would be happy in a bright, warm conservatory!


• Bright, indirect sunlight. Driect sunlight can cause the leaves to wither

• Water when the top half of soil is dry

• Loves a regular misting, or pop it in the bathroom while you have a shower!

• Pet friendly

• Pot Size 12cm


Stoneware pot not included