Cereus Peruvianus

Cereus Peruvianus


Native to South America, these hardy cereus cacti (aka Queen of the Night) are sure to make a statement in any home or office! They are best suited to a spot with lots of bright light, and will also tolerate some direct sun too.

Care -

Light - Lots of bright sunlight, will also be happy in some direct sun too

Water - wait until the soil has completely dried out to water, and reduce this to every 3-4 weeks in the winter months

Tips - such a versatile plant, would be suited to front rooms, bedrooms, conservatories, hallways, offices...

Pets - Pet friendly (although obviously it’s best to keep this spiky plant out of reach!)

Size - 17cm pot. Approx 60cm tall


Price is for plant only, does not include ceramic pot.

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