Aeschynanthus Radicans 'Rasta' Lipstick Plant

Aeschynanthus Radicans 'Rasta' Lipstick Plant


Gorgeous tightly-curled succulent leaves that trail for days which, in the right conditions, will produce tiny red flowers. They like high humidity and a bright, warm room in order to thrive. Water when the top inch of soil has dried out, and make sure that it can drain fully so water doesn’t collect in the bottom of the pot.


• Find it a spot in lots of indirect sunlight

• Water when the top inch of soil has dried out 

• The key to keeping these happy is finding them a warm spot, they don’t like draughts

• They like high humidity too so would be well placed in a bathroom or kitchen

• Pet friendly

• 15cm pot size

• Detachable hanger so you can hang ‘em up or pop them in a pot and let them trail down!


Stoneware pot not included

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