We are best mates, and we love houseplants.

We love talking about them, taking photos of them, propagating them, and helping to bring them back from the brink of crispy leaves and droopy stems. It's pretty much all we talk to each other about too (over a cuppa tea and several biscuits).


It’s been our dream for a while to open our own shop, and having some extra time on our hands during lockdown, we decided to go for it. 

So, in June 2020, nook houseplants became a real thing!


We really believe that plants have so many benefits; not only to jazz up your surroundings, but also for physical and mental health. Everyone could do with a bit more green in their lives! 


Whether you are a complete houseplant novice or are looking for something to add to your (slightly out-of-control) collection, we can help! 


All of our plants come with handwritten care cards; it’s important to us that you feel confident in how to maintain your new plant once you receive it. If you see something in our shop that you love, but want to have a chat with us before you buy, then please get in touch and we’ll do our best to pair you up with your perfect plant pal. 

We are a new business and are finding our way as we go, so if you think that what we’re doing is great, then please go and shout about us on social media! We’ll love you forever.

Head to the SHOP page to have a browse, find our socials on the FOLLOW page and drop us a message on our CONTACT page - it would be great to hear from you. 


Nieve & Becca 


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